The international workshop on innovation for logistics

winlog 2019 is an initiative of the Innovation Pole for logistics
to support the growth of companies in the logistics sector
Support for collaborative R & D activities
for the development of new products and services
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20-21-22 November 2019  –   Rende  (CS)  Calabria- Italy

The event will be held at the Ariha Hotel  

The international Workshop on Innovation for Logistics (WIN-LOG) is an initiative of the  Pole of innovation for logistics (“SMART LOGISTICS”) that includes Universities, Public and Private Research Centers and Companies working in the fields of Logistics. 

The workshop  will include plenary and parallel sessions as well as panels that will focus on Innovations for Logistics. 

The program includes sessions for presenting scientific articles, projects sessions in which on going research projects will be presented as well as there will be the opportunity to activate synergies for new projects, tutorials and case studies presentations. A special focus  is addressed to the supply chain and logistics in industry 4.0. 

Companies may present their products and services in the exposition hall. Request for a space and/or for a poster session may be sent to the Organising Committee. Each exhibition space is equipped with Wi-fi connection and a small table.   

Winlog 2019 it is part of a more general set of events dedicated to industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing and revitalizing all the industrial operations. Companies are facing new challenges but also taking advantages from the multiple opportunities offered by the fourth industrial revolution. The general event provides a unique opportunity to meet scientists, researchers and company managers working in the area of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.
This general event, in addition to WINLOG 2019, includes a dedicated Smart Manufacturing B2B event, SMM2019 Smart Manufacturing Macthmaking 2019, organised by the European Enterprise Network and ISM 2019 The international conference on industry 4.0 and “The international conference on industry 4.0 and smart manifacturing”, organised by the University of Calabria researcher groups.

SMM2019 – Smart Manufacturing Matchmaking 2019 

many events for a single goal


BE @SMM2019 - Brokerage Event @Smart Manufacturing Macthmaking 2019

ISM 2019

The international conference on industry 4.0 and smart manifacturing


The international Workshop on Innovation for Logistics

Stimulate companies to trigger new challenges and benefit from the innovation and opportunities offered by the fourth industrial revolution


The Innovation Pole for logistics

The Innovation Pole “Smart logistics” has been set up to pursue the following strategic objectives:

  • become the reference point at the regional and national level for Logistics;
  • gringing innovation within companies operating in the logistics sector at regional and national level;
  • having a recognized international reputation in the field of logistics.
    provide “logistics laboratories” as places where companies can conduct research, development and experimentation by finding specific skills in the Logistics sector;
  • develop prototype solutions that can trigger the sale on the market of new services and products in the logistics sector both nationally and internationally.

The final goal is growing of competitiveness of the participating enterprises and more generally of the entire regional economy.

Technological Trajectories of the Pole

consistently with the regional strategy for innovation and intelligent specialization (S3), the activities of the Pole are related to the following trajectories:

  • improvement of logistics and freight transport processes, including security and safety;
  • Green Logistics;
  • Logistics and technologies for manufacturing systems and the agri-food chain in particular.
  • Strategic objectives are pursued through the provision of the innovative services:
  • consulting services;
  • specialized service;
  • training




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