The Innovation Pole for Logistics


The Pole of Innovation for logistics (Smart Logistics) was created in response to the public notice for the establishment and expansion of the Regional Innovation Poles, POR CALABRIA FESR 2014/2020 – Action 1.1.4. “Support for collaborative R & D activities for the development of new sustainable technologies, new products and services”.

The manager subject of the pole is “Logistica Ricerca e Sviluppo S.C.a. R.L (R & D LOG)”. R & D.LOG is a limited liability consortium company established on 10 November 2005. The foundation  of the consortium is part of a Framework Program Agreement (APQ) between the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education. the Calabria Region for an intervention aimed at carrying out the preparatory actions for the Gioia Tauro Logistics and Transformation Technology District.

Strategic Lines of the Pole 
To become the reference point at the regional and national level for Logistics;

Bringing innovation within companies operating in the logistics sector at regional and national level;

Having a recognized international reputation in the field of logistics;

Consulting services in the development of supply chain in far east and buying office;

provide “logistics laboratories” as places where companies can conduct research, development and experimentation by finding specific skills in the Logistics sector;

develop, over time, prototype solutions that can trigger the sale on the market of new services and products in the logistics sector both nationally and internationally.



(C) Logistica Ricerca e Sviluppo (R&d.Log) Partita Iva 02357650809 - Smart Logistics