The beginning of the activities of the Technological District of Logistics and Transformation laid down by the Framework Programme Agreement in Research (August 2005), is developed with the establishment of the company R&D Log (November 2005) chosen by the regional assessment bodies as the implementing party of an integrated project (LogNET).

The LogNET project intends creating a set of integrated initiatives of fundamental research and industrial research in the (both territorial and company) logistics sector and the elative supporting technologies. The project is organised in the following actions and sub-projects:

Action 1 – Technological observatory (ROP 2000-2006 Measure 3.16.C3)

  • OSMETE Project – - observatory for Monitoring and planning of the economic and technological activities of the territory;

Action 2 – Technological Laboratory (ROP 2000-2006 Measure 3.16.B2)

Action 3 – Post graduate training (ROP 2000-2006 Measure3.7)

  • MILO Project – Master in "Innovation Management for logistics ";

Action 4 – Industrial research (DM 395/200 art. 13)