Technologies Observatory

an imageThe observatory has the objective of maintaining a high level of renovation and to make available opportunities for companies’ growth and development. The observatory interest areas are: technologies, standards and laws, R&D funding opportunity, quality, security, safety,  environment.

AEO accreditation and Development of Management Models

an imageThe center  provide consultancy services to economic operators to guide them toward regulatory compliance and system in order to support  the Customs Agency Audit and obtaining the AEO status.


Scheduling   of shipments for freight companies.

an imageThe service is targeted to companies that collect the freight transport demand by customers and offer cargo service by means of container. The objective is to compose in an optimal manner the container, maximizing the demand served and minimizing the number of containers used.


Planning staff shift

an image The service is designed to logistics companies (companies terminal operators, transport companies of goods or persons) that operate in a context h24/24 and g7 / 7 and aims to introduce optimization techniques in the balanced composition of the personnel’s shifts.


Planning of loading and unloading goods in distribution centers (DCs)

The service isan image  targeted to Distribution Centers that supply supermarket chains of GDO. The service is intended, in particular, to DCs  that operate "cross-docking" mode, to reduce or eliminate the stages of storage of goods.


Simulation of logistics processes and / or manufacturing processes
an image
Business consultancy using  simulation for the representation of scenarios and to perform what-if analysis. The service is targeted to companies producing goods and services that pursue the analysis and the subsequent reorganization of its activities in order to improve operational performance.

Services for the optimized management of warehouse 

an imageThe service is targeted to companies that needs to optimize resources related to warehouse management through innovative technologies based on new algorithms.



knowledge management, business analytics and knowledge discovery in the field of logistics.

 an imageThe service is targeted to logistic and transport companies to offer knowledge management, business analytics and knowledge discovery services.



Technology Transfer and Strategic Marketing Services

The center offers a range of services for companies:
•    Technology Audit;
•    Networking and Strategic Marketing;
•    Support  to the R&D project writing;
•    Analysis of technical and economic feasibility;
•    New business models design (Business Plan);
•    Technical assistance to funding access;
•    Internationalization;
•    Events (workshops, scientific conferences, fairs etc.)  organization and participation.