maggio, 2013

The Innovation Center

The  Innovation Center  for Transport, Logistic  and Transformation
was created in response to the public notice for the establishment and expansion of Regional Innovation Centres, call POR FESR Calabria 2007/2013, Integrated Regional Strategic Project , Regional Network of Innovation Centres, published on 07/09/2010. The owner of the Center is  R&D.LOG which has been received a special collective mandate without representation by other aggregate members constituted in ATS (Temporary Scope Association). The ATS is a cluster of Calabria Region which involves universities, public research organizations and companies (ie terminal, logistic and port operators, transport operators, services providers, ICT  providers, system integrators, consultant companies).

Strategic Objectives of the Center

The Center aims, from one side, to stimulate the demand and qualify the offer in Logistic, Transport and Transformation sectors in the Calabria Region, from the other side, aims to favor the growth of cultural exchange, networking and clustering approach. The Center intends to guide the processes of innovation and technology transfer. Priorities of the Center are to encourage the development of new businesses and attracting productive investment in the Calabria Region, the final goal is growing of competitiveness of the participating enterprises and more generally of the entire regional economy.

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Winlog 2014

The international Workshop on Innovation for Logistics (WIN-LOG) is an initiative of the Innovation Center for  Transport, Logistics and Transformation  (Polo di Innovazione per i Trasporti la Logistica e la Trasformazione, LTT)  that includes Universities, Public and Private Research Centers and Companies working in the fields of Logistics, Transports and IT.

The Center was established according to the project “POR FESR Calabria 2007/2013” and is managed and run by R&D LOG. It operates mainly in the Gioia Tauro (Calabria, Italy) harbor area and aims at fostering innovation processes and technology transfer, promoting change, synergy and collaboration at a regional, national and international level. 

To this end, the International Workshop on Innovation for Logistics (WIN-LOG) brings together international scientists, subject matter experts and economic stakeholders providing an ideal framework for supporting innovation and growth processes within the Transport, Logistics and Transformation area.

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